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BOULDER, Colo. — A company based in Boulder has created a new app that can detect if there is a credit card skimmer at gas stations.

SparkFun Electronics were contacted by local law enforcement and were able to get enough information from those skimming devices provided by law enforcement that they created an app for your phone that can be used to detect skimmers.

The app is called Skimmer Scanner and it is available for Android devices.

It works by searching for bluetooth transmission, which is how skimmers typically transmit your credit card information, and if the pump has a skimmer, the app will alert you.

“We had one of the devices that had been removed from the gas pump so we were able to power that up on the workbench and then tried to communicate with it” said Nick Poole with SparkFun Electronics. “As soon as we found that it was possible- we thought everyone has a cell phone with bluetooth so you should be able to detect this no problem.”

Poole added that the app might not detect a skimmer 100 percent of the time because there are different types of skimmers.

The company also said that many of their consumers have provided feedback that the app alerted them of a skimmer and saved them from possibly being scammed.

SparkFun Electronics works with law enforcement to alert them of the skimmers.