FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — A local ministry K-9 comfort dog has died and the community is mourning the loss.

Cubby, who was part of the Lutheran Church Charities, visited schools and hospitals and was deployed across the country during tragedy to provide support. Cubby was one of a network of about 130 specially trained comfort dogs across 26 states. She and so many others had a real effect on those experiencing tragedy.

On Wednesday, Cubby’s caregiver said the dog just seemed off and sluggish.

Bonnie Fear, LCC’s K-9 comfort crisis response coordinator said, “Took her for a walk and Cubby was walking and just fell over, which is very unusual and so Kay got her up and got her back into the house and she called me and said she just sort of fell over, so I said let’s call the vet.”

The vet advised them to take Cubby to the emergency room and they did. Within a few hours, they did a procedure on her heart to remove some fluid, which only prolonged her life for a few hours.

Then they said their goodbyes and sweet Cubby was gone. She was 8 years old. She started her ministries in 2015.

“God just placed it all together so quickly and we were together and we laughed, we cried, we shared stories. Cubby, her signature move, and golden retrievers,” Fear said. “Our national program has goldens and her signature move is a gentle paw and she did that either towards her caregiver or the vet and one of our handlers said it seemed like she was saying it’s ok.”

Cubby, deployed 15 times during tragic and difficult situations across the nation from Orlando, to Parkland, Florida to Uvalde, Texas and in our backyard after the King Soopers and Club Q shootings.

“She worked our community and the tributes on Facebook have really touched our hearts as well because we sort of know what we do and people meet them and they pet them and but when you see all the expressions of love, like I met Cubby in El Paso, I met Cubby in Vegas that touched our hearts to really know what this ministry does and how God worked with our team,” Fear said.

LCC K-9’s Ministries was in the process of adding another dog to its mix and say it is excited to honor Cubby while training that new pup.