‘Colorado Captain’ costume stolen, returned the next day


DENVER (KDVR) – A Colorado man who portrays a superhero had his custom-made costume stolen from a friend’s car. 

Matt Gnojek, a barista by day, is known to many as “Colorado Captain.”

“If a little smile and a wave from some crazy guy on a motorcycle in a costume can make your day just better by a millisecond, I really believe that’s going to snowball into something that is wonderful,” said Gnojek.

Sometime Monday night, someone broke into his friend’s car and stole Gnojek’s outfit.

“The whole suit in its entirety has probably been about a $2,000-$3,000 investment,” said Gnojek.

The next day, a man called Gnojek and said he had bought the suit from a man at Denver Union Station, and wanted to return it. 

When they met at a local hotel, the man said he paid $100 for the suit. Gnojek gave him the $100, no questions asked.

“Whoever took it and then whoever gave it back to me, it did get back to me. I wish them nothing but success in this world,” said Gnojek.

Captain Colorado’s boots and gloves are still missing, but Gnojek is not upset.

Colorado Captain does a lot more than just ride and wave at people. He puts smiles on the faces of children who could use a little happiness.

“I’ve gotten to do some really great work at Children’s Hospital, and once a year I do this trip where I travel all over the country and I visit hospitals in 15 to 17 states,” said Gnojek.

Gnojek’s friends started a GoFundMe page to replace the suit, but he says the money collected from that account will go to local charities.

“I mean, come on. If the worst thing that happens to me is that my costume got broken, then I think that’s a win,” said Gnojek.

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