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DENVER — ‘Hard Seltzer’ drinks are spiking in popularity this year and local craft brewers are taking note.

According to a report from Nielsen, alcohol-infused seltzer sales grew to nearly $488 million in 2019.

“It really caught us off guard,” explained Tony Doria, Beer Manager at Molly’s Spirits. “In terms of the numbers, it is on par with Bud Light and Coors Light, in terms of the volume we sell”.

The Denver Beer Company, Epic Brewing, Oskar Blues and UpSlope are only a couple of breweries in Colorado creating their own alcohol-infused seltzers.

“Hard Seltzer has grown pretty rapidly and it’s easy to see why,” said Jason Buehler, Head Brewer of Denver Beer Company.

The Denver Beer Company is about to debut two new hard seltzers in June.

According to research by Nielsen, women are more likely to consume the drinks.

Hard Seltzer beverages, like White Claw, are low on calories and sugar — compared to other drinks.