DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s craft beer industry is well-known across the country, and with that beer drinkers get opportunities to try new styles whenever they please – that will soon include a style suggested by artificial intelligence.

The beer, created by Old 121 Brewhouse and Banded Oak Brewing Company for Collaboration Beer Fest, is called The Bots Made Us Do It.

According to a description on the CollabFest website, the breweries “worked together with ChatGPT to identify some of the newest trends in craft beer.”

The beer style they came to create is called a wellness beer which is described as “beer that uses holistic qualities of ingredients in the final product.”

But the AI wasn’t done. The online description said the brewers asked it to create a recipe that they then made.

“We’re excited to share this beer as an exploration of what AI can bring to the brewing scene and also test how sophisticated the technology really is,” the description on CollabFest’s website said.

CollabFest features beers created by Colorado brewers who teamed up with other brewers to create unique, often one-time-only beers. It takes place this year on March 25 in Westminster and tickets are still available.

Some of the other breweries participating are Bruz Beers, Ska Brewing Co., Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company, Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver Beer Company and dozens more.