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DENVER (KDVR) — During the pandemic, comfort clothing has become one of the top trends across the country and right here in Colorado.

So much so it’s leading to a resurgence in popularity for the shoe company, ‘Crocs’, which got its start in Boulder.

It makes sense.

While many people are working from home, they want to be comfortable.

“Amidst COVID, this trend of comfort and self expression is on the rise!” said Heidi Cooley, Head of Global Marketing for Crocs. “Comfort is on the rise. We are definitely seeing our fans root back into the sense of slipping on their crocs from a day to day perspective”.

In the last six months of the pandemic, sales of the shoes have soared.

Last week, Crocs dropped a collaboration with Justin Bieber. 

Sales of Bieber’s shoes even crashed Crocs’ website.

“They sold out in a little over an hour and a half. But they sold out around the world,” Cooley said.

Oddly enough, another popular collaboration people scooped up during the pandemic was a collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“We dropped a collaboration with KFC where the ‘jibbitz’ smelled like fried chicken.

Crocs plans to drop additional collaborations, including one set for this Friday.