DENVER (KDVR) — A local anti-domestic violence group is urging victims to reach out to advocates. Violence Free Colorado is calling domestic violence a public health crisis.

The group provided a recent snapshot that illustrates the volume of domestic violence incidents in the state. In a survey performed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence, a count of domestic services offered across Colorado in a single 24-hour period found domestic violence hotlines across the state reviewed more than 450 calls averaging, 19 per hour.

That same survey found 1356 people engaged with a community-based anti-domestic violence program. Of those, there were 685 who were in emergency shelters to escape domestic violence.

In an email to FOX31, the Executive Director for Violence Free Colorado said many of the community-based organizations in Colorado offer emergency shelter but that there is more need for support.

That list includes counseling for adults and children, financial support, basic needs support, job search and educational support, rental assistance, transitional housing, legal support and more.