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DENVER (KDVR) — New Year’s Eve celebrations looked a little different around Colorado this year.

Coronavirus concerns mean no crowded bars or restaurants, and even fireworks didn’t happen in downtown Denver this year.  

However, those in Castle Rock did get to enjoy a firework’s display on Thursday night.

The fireworks aren’t an annual event in the city, but because fire restrictions banned them over the 4th of July, they were set off to welcome 2021.  

Typically, Festival Park in Castle Rock would be busy with families hoping to see the show, but this year, only a few showed up.  

Natalia Scepuyga and her family were enjoying time near the decorated Christmas tree, and enjoying food and drinks around a fire pit.  

“This year is different and actually why we are here. Usually for the new year, we celebrate at home, but this year because of all this virus stuff and everything else around, we decided to get together outside,” she said, “It’s a safe place to see each other.”