DENVER (KDVR) — Lucky for Palisade peaches and Pueblo chiles, a recent survey showed that the majority of Coloradans prefer to buy local. As FOX31’s morning anchor Kirk Yuhnke said, if they’re not Palisade peaches, his family doesn’t even think about buying them.

In a recent survey from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, more than 80% of respondents deemed that an item grown or raised in Colorado heavily influenced whether or not they bought the product.

It’s more than just Palisade peaches and Pueblo chiles that are benefitting from locals. More and more producers are featuring Colorado-based products, said Dawn Thilmany, agricultural economist and professor with Colorado State University, in a press release. Some examples are local butchers only selling Colorado-based meat or bakeries selling grains from Colorado.

“So, we’re seeing little tentacles where this interest in local foods is almost changing the structure of how some households buy and eat food,” Thilmany said.

The survey also showed that 96% of Coloradans support developing a strong local food system. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as most of Denver’s pop-up events and farmers’ markets host local vendors.

Local produce usually has a sticker on it saying it’s made locally. If there isn’t a Colorado sticker, it’s less likely to end up in Coloradans’ shopping carts.