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DENVER — Two Coloradans have created a smartphone app that aims to make parking easier while providing an income source for some homeowners.

Reese Barracks was inspired to create Drivewayz when he and his friends were looking for parking ahead of a football game at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“We were circling the block, round and around, couldn’t find any parking at all,” Barracks said. “Passing empty driveway after empty driveway.”

That’s when inspiration struck the Boulder native, figuring there must be a way to put those empty spots to good use.

Barracks helped create Drivewayz in August 2018. Using Google Maps, the app connects users to different hosts near their destination who will let users park in their driveway for an hourly fee.

Similar to apps like Uber, the price will fluctuate based on the time of day or events in the area.

“We’re just really trying to create parking for the community from the community,” Barracks said. “We’re creating passive income for those people as well as decreasing traffic.”

Currently, Barracks says the company is not liable if you get injured in the host’s driveway, but they hope to add coverage over the next couple of months when they receive more funding.

The app is live in several markets across the country, including Boulder and Denver, but Barracks says their focus is getting more hosts to buy in to create more parking options.