DENVER (KDVR) — November was a big month for sports, and not just games played — Coloradans put a lot of money on the line, as betting was up 4.9% from the month before.

The total online and retail amount in wagers placed in November 2022 was $552,603,013, which was nearly $26 million more than the previous month. That total was $77 million more than in November 2021, or a 16.2% increase.

Pro basketball took the top spot as the most bet-on sport in the second to last month of the year, followed by pro football. The NBA pulled in nearly $7 million more than the pigskin game. The Centennial State gamblers also took a liking to college football and basketball as the third and fourth-highest bet-on sports, respectively.

What other sports were Coloradans betting on? The fifth spot went to soccer, followed by hockey, tennis and table tennis.

The state collected $2,581,533 in taxes for November’s sports betting collection, which was about $251,000 more than in October 2022. November 2022’s tax total was a 30.4% increase, or $602,399 more than the amount collected in the same month of November 2021.