DENVER (KDVR) — It’s the last weekend before the NBA Finals and Denver Nuggets gear is the hot item.

Nuggets merchandise has been flying off shelves ahead of the team’s historic run for its first title.

FOX31 went on over to Sportsfan, a sporting goods shop near Empower Field, to find out what Nuggets gear is going fast.

“The hottest selling item is the hats that the players were wearing,” Derek Friedman said.

Friedman is the owner of the store and he said fans are buying team gear you won’t find others wearing.

“When you’re talking about bigger ticket items, you’re usually looking at jerseys,” Friedman said.

There’s always something stylish on the racks at Friedman’s store. And Friedman said the store has exclusive team gear only available there.

When Ball Arena hosts its first Finals game ever, you can buy something not every Nuggets fan owns.

Friedman said there is a shirt that the store co-developed with one of its suppliers that consumers won’t find easily.

Confidence is mile high heading into the next series and while there’s no opponent yet, at Sportsfan they’re already gearing up for a title.

“When you’re talking about things for the Nuggets fan who has everything,” Friedman said, “we’re assuming that over the course of the next two weeks, we’re going to have stuff that they would never have had before because it’s all going to be champions gear.”

The future collectible, Friedman said, is actually the Western Conference Champs caps.

After the Finals, Friedman said, manufacturers will not make them again, making them a rare item when the season is over.

Some fans are even buying several to wear and others to keep.