COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has announced the gender of the two Amur leopard cubs that were born in May.

According to CMZoo, the two Amur leopard cubs are boys, and at two months old, they are growing in confidence and exploring more.

The two cubs are very vocal, according to CMZoo, and will sometimes call their mom, Anya.

When Anya is receiving enrichment or one-on-one training in a different space, they will vocalize to find out what she is doing. When they vocalize with Anya next to them they appear to CMZoo to be expressing their discovery of the world around them.

CMZoo said they don’t have names for the two cubs yet but will keep everyone updated when they have picked names for the two.

Meanwhile, the cubs have started to explore a space outside which is not easily in guest view, but CMZoo will update when they are out and about.

CMZoo said keepers are working on building trust with the cubs to prepare them for future husbandry training.