COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Survivors and families who lost loved ones in the tragic Club Q mass shooting are still fighting for accountability through the justice system.

No lawsuit has been filed yet, but FOX31 has learned a handful of victims are being represented by a legal team working on a civil complaint.

This all comes as Sunday marks one year since the shooting at Club Q that killed five people and injured dozens more. Ashtin Gamblin remembers that day.

“My right arm was shot twice, and that one was five times,” Gamblin said.

One bullet went through her tattoo that reads, “Hold on.”

“It’s almost poetic irony that it went through those words,” Gamblin said.

Two words that, to Gamblin, mean so much.

“It’s difficult,” Gamblin said. “A lot of us still kind of feel surreal at times. We’re trying to just take things day by day. With everything that’s happened given the one-year situation, it is kind of helping that we do have private events and group events, which are just all about being there for one another. We’re starting to find our own outlets, our own direction, that help us with this process. I don’t think it’s ever going to be finished for us, but we’re at least finding those methods.”

Choosing to push forward, but never forgetting.

“Club Q was a force,” Gamblin said. “That atmosphere was something I’ve never experienced before, and I personally feel that every community needs that. It’s never about the space, it’s always about the people.”

And for Gamblin, that’s what this anniversary is all about: celebrating the lives of the five killed on Nov. 19, 2022.

“These people were just the absolute most amazing, loving, caring people, and it goes hand in hand with the atmosphere that was created,” Gamblin said. “Their legacy in that, that needs to be pushed forward.”

A public remembrance ceremony will be held outside of the club on Sunday, Nov. 19, at noon.