DENVER (KDVR) — Newly uncovered court documents tied to the accused Club Q shooter show a judge in El Paso County raised concerns that Anderson Lee Aldrich would enact a shootout.

The Associated Press reported the documents contained statements made during Aldrich’s 2021 kidnapping and bomb threat case.

The shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs feels very recent for David McRae.

“There are a lot of panic attacks, there’s flashbacks, crying spells, flashes of anger,” McRae said. “Nightmares, tremendous loss of sleep.”

In the snow behind the building where he escaped the shooter, McRae helped others who were wounded in the gunfire on Nov. 19.

“(The shooting) is becoming a thing in my past that I’m learning to compartmentalize,” McRae said.

‘The system failed on a very basic level’

On Friday, court documents obtained by the Associated Press found that a judge, Robin Chittum, oversaw a kidnapping trial of the accused shooter.

“That system failed on a very basic level,” McRae said.

A failure, to McRae, because those court documents revealed Chittum raised concerns that Aldrich was planning a shootout.

“I don’t understand this lapse in judgment,” McRae said.

The judge also dismissed the 2021 kidnapping case against Aldrich. These revelations left McRae with questions.

“How our judicial system functions on a fundamental level,” McRae said. “It makes me question what kind of judges are being allowed to sit on the bench.”

Chittum did not offer comment on this revelation of her statements.