COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — The attorneys representing the person accused of killing five people and injuring many others at Club Q in Colorado Springs have asked that they undergo a psychiatric exam.

That information surfaced during a preliminary hearing this week. 

During the preliminary hearing, attorneys for Anderson Aldrich, who uses they and them pronouns, said the defendant was taking medications for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders.

Aldrich is accused of killing five people and injuring many others during a mass shooting at the LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs last November. 

“(The) defense is going say we want to get someone (a mental health expert) in the jail. We want them to examine him (them). We want a couple of different psychological tests and have a psychiatrist give us guidance on where to go from here,” said FOX31 legal analyst George Brauchler. “And then they can make an informed decision about whether to plead not guilty by reason of insanity or just regular not guilty.”

Mental health evaluation puts case on hold

Brauchler said the issue of an impaired mental condition or a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity — also known as an NGRI — could happen during Aldrich’s arraignment in May.

“The NGRI process freezes just about everything that can take place while they evaluate these things. The court may try to set some other procedural things unrelated to mental health, but really, the case is kind of on hold until that report comes back,” Brauchler said.

Mental health testing is done by the Colorado Mental Health Hospital in Pueblo.

If Aldrich goes through testing with the institute, there’s no way to tell how long that process would take or for the trial to start. A status hearing is scheduled for next month.

That is when the judge will check in with attorneys to see how the case is progressing. 

The arraignment is set for May 30. That is when Aldrich is expected to make a plea.