LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — The cleanup continues days after that spring storm.

As the Problem Solvers have reported, trees have been hit the hardest following that wet, heavy snow — so much so that some cities around the metro area are opening temporary drop-off locations where people can take some of those broken tree limbs.

Monday in Littleton, several people were starting off the work week working up a sweat, including David Roberts.

“It’s more fun to run a chainsaw than sit at a desk,” Roberts said.

He is from Littleton and he’s been helping several neighbors clear the nature-made clutter since Friday night’s snowstorm.

“I actually helped cut two big tree limbs that fell on neighbor’s houses, he explained, adding: “One of them was 30 inches.”

He says he’s been a resident for 30 years here and this is the worst spring storm —in terms of damage — that he can recall.

But he still has optimism, knocking on wood for spring’s return.