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DENVER (KDVR) — A passenger on United Airlines flight 328 that experienced engine failure and scattered debris over Broomfield has filed a class-action lawsuit against the corporation.

The Boeing 777’s Pratt & Whitney engine exploded causing a fire midair resulting in an emergency landing back to Denver International Airport minutes after it departed the runway.

Debris from the plane rained over the suburb of Broomfield. No one was injured but giant parts ended up in front yards and damaging houses and other property.

The suit states the “plaintiff therefore seeks to recover for negligent infliction of emotional distress on behalf of himself and all other passengers on board who are similarly situated.”

According to the filing, United failed to properly inspect and maintain its aircraft which resulted in engine failure.

“No one should have to live through that as a result of an airline’s refusal to take proper care of its planes and its customers, and I look forward to forcing United to make it right as best is possible,” Jonathon Corbett, attorney representing passenger Chad Schnell said.

Monday afternoon, a United Airlines spokesperson submitted this statement to FOX31 in response to the lawsuit filed:

Safety remains our highest priority – for our employees and our customers. We are proud of our employees’ care for our customers and steadfast dedication to safety in our day to day operations and in response to this incident. It is that professionalism that led most of the passengers from flight 328 to board another flight to Honolulu later that evening.  We continue to work with federal agencies investigating this incident and due to the ongoing investigation, we will not be able to provide further comment at this time.

Media Relations, United Airlines