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DENVER (KDVR) — Civic Center Eats, a three times a week gathering of food trucks at Civic Center Park, kicked off the season on Tuesday to a small but hungry crowd.

What do Original, Gyro King, Billy’s Gourmet Dogs and Cirque Kitchen have in common? They are the first four food trucks back at Civic Center Eats. 

“It is great news. Civic Center Park is re-opening.“ Eric Lazzari, Civic Center Conservancy Executive Director said. 

Not since September 2019 has Civic Center Eats at Civic Center Park been in full swing. But Tuesday’s soft opening was a welcome treat for the senses and the pallet for the lunchtime crowd. 

Foodie friends Jennifer Park and Taylor Norvell, with kids in tow, sat down for some lunchtime grub.

“Oh my goodness, it’s so amazing because we haven’t seen people congregate like this for a year,” Norvell said.

Kirsti Isenhart, Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs food truck manager, is happy being back selling hot dogs. “It’s great news. We are back in the communities, which is what we love,” Isenhart said.

But why on Civic Center Eats opening day, there are only four food trucks when normally 15 to 20 show up?

“The food trucks are having, like a lot of small businesses, having a difficult time hiring coming out of this,” Lazarri said.

After an almost two year hiatus, the Civic Center Conservancy is not sure the crowds will even come back.  

They will just have to take it one hotdog at a time, “The best dog on the truck is going to be my beer brat in my opinion. It’s a good classic German flavor and you can’t pass that up,” Isenhart said.

Then we won’t.