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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver bars and restaurants could get some leniency on the city’s alcohol rules if they plan to host Stanley Cup Final watch parties.

The city said Wednesday it will waive a 30-day requirement for bars and restaurants to apply to expand their alcohol serving area if they are having a Colorado Avalanche watch party.

“This was determined today after consideration that bars and restaurants did not have time to apply for this permit because they did not know the Avalanche would advance to the Stanley Cup Final 30 days ago,” said Eric Escudero, with the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses.

Not all applicants are guaranteed approval, Escudero said. Businesses with extra space in a parking lot or grass area, for example, could be approved, but those that want to expand onto a closed street or sidewalk require a longer timeframe for approval.

“We are encouraging all interested businesses to apply, because if they do not apply, they can’t be approved,” Escudero said.

Businesses will need a security plan and a plan for trash, as well.

Escudero said the city is working to help bars and restaurants, which were severely hurt by the pandemic.

“The opportunity to support additional areas where fans can gather to watch and celebrate the Colorado Avalanche is the perfect opportunity that could provide an economic boost for these businesses,” he said.

Businesses can learn more about how to apply here.