DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Police have a plan in place for weekend Cinco de Mayo drivers on Federal Boulevard this weekend. On Friday night, they started enforcing it.

Friday afternoon, crews started laying down orange cones in a single lane of both northbound and southbound Federal, between Sixth and Evans avenues. It reduced open lanes to one in both directions.

Among those out and about: Alex Trujillo. He is treasurer of the Impalas Car Club’s Denver chapter.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase our culture,” Trujillo said of the tradition for drivers to cruise on Federal Boulevard. “Representation of our people.”

Denver Police plan to crack down on loud stereos and excessive horn honking Friday night through Sunday night. The Denver Sheriff Department also has a visible presence.

Trujillo’s club plans to play by the rules.

“We just want to be good citizens, good role models and show that hard work can pay off,” Trujillo said.

Denver Police plans for Cinco de Mayo

Starting Friday, Federal Boulevard will be reduced to just one lane in both directions between 6th Avenue and West Evans Avenue. The lane reduction will be in place through Sunday.

If heavy traffic starts to spill into the neighborhoods along Federal, officers are prepared to block and divert traffic from those neighborhood streets, according to police.

“Things that are going to put people in jeopardy, those would be like careless driving, driving under the influence, racing, things like that, we will strictly enforce. Those are not tolerable up here on the federal corridor or anywhere,” said Denver Police Commander Brad Qualley.

Denver Police will also have extra patrols on hand to keep the traditional “cruising” in check along Federal Boulevard.