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DENVER (KDVR) — Thousands of Colorado members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not worried about their supplies of toilet paper, food and water. Church members told the Problem Solvers they follow the counsel of leaders suggesting that all families prepare for emergencies and stock a year’s worth of food and water. 

Rachel and Bill Lyons of Lone Tree hope they never have to depend on the large water tanks in their garage.

“The water is clean and pure. The instructions tell us to replenish the water every two years. You drain it and replace it with new water that is treated. If you need to use it at some point, it will be clean and pure,” Rachel said. 

The tanks should supply the family with enough water for approximately three months and their food pantry should last a year. 

“We have cereal, peanut butter, beans and all your baking goods — everything. We will store that in our basement,” Rachel said. “We have an extra freezer in our garage, which lots of large families have anyway, but we will, I will stock cheeses, lots of meats, butter and things that freeze well. That you can use later after they have thawed.” 

The family told the Problem Solvers the live by their religion and that having a stocked pantry paid off when the run on paper products produced shortages. 

“I looked at our TP supply to see if we did have enough. We probably have a six-month supply for a family of seven, so we not have to worry. It was not an added stress,” Rachel said. 

Faith may have led the Lyons family to fill their pantry but the virus has prompted them to use it. 

“We have already started to use the TP and paper towels and things like that,” Rachel said.

In a time when it’s not easy to stock, this family is willing to share.  

“When we are prepared, we can better help our neighbors,” Rachel said.

She added if you want to start a similar pantry, buy two of everything you buy that is not perishable and try to use open storage with shelves so it’s easy to see and track. 

“It’s a safety and security and we are blessed to have the food supply,” Rachel said.