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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Autism Society of Colorado is armed with LED lights and setting out to spread Christmas cheer and raise some money.

“So I’ve always had this vision in my head that I wanted to do a big Christmas display. But, there always seemed like there needed to be something more to it. And then when our kids were diagnosed with autism, it just clicked,” a man known as Corey “Claus” said.

Corey partners with the Autism Society of Colorado to raise money through the Christmas light display on S. Picadilly Court to help local families in need.

“Back when both of our children were diagnosed, it was overwhelming. We did not know what do they need, what therapies do they need, we didn’t know where to go next,” Corey said. “And then we called the autism society and they pointed us in the right direction.”

One little girl was so excited about the lights she was proud to tell FOX31 that she took a picture of it on her phone.

“My daughter is nonverbal, she’s 9 years old, and I’ve never heard her speak. I am dying to be able to hear her voice someday,” Corey said. “But even if it never happens it’s ok because she’s brought so much to me, in helping teach me more about the special needs community, and helping me want to do all of this so that we can give back.”