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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — On Friday, an investigation launched back in August of 2021 resulted in the arrest of a U.S. Postal Service employee connected to a child sexual exploitation sting.

The joint effort between the Child Sex Offender Internet Investigations Unit of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the arrest of a U.S. Postmaster, Chad Miller, 45, for the sexual exploitation of a child.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Miller allegedly initiated communications with an undercover investigator with the unit, known as Cheezo, who was posing online as a 13-year-old girl.

Back in August, Miller allegedly initiated communication with an undercover agent, highlighting a desire to have sex with whom he believed to be a minor. Additionally, it was noted that he never officially set a date to meet up with the undercover agent.

Several months later, between March 9 and 30, Miller allegedly picked up where he left off, reinitiating communication with the fake 13-year-old female, only this time he reportedly revealed his role as a postmaster.

The troublesome message chain allegedly rolled on and escalated to the point of Miller describing the sexual acts he wished to perform with whom he assumed was an underage girl. He also requested “live” pictures and videos depicting the juvenile performing masturbatory acts.

Miller was arrested at his place of work at a post office in Elizabeth and was charged with two felonious counts of internet sexual exploitation of a child and sexual exploitation of a child.