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DENVER — One of the most famous deep-dish pizza restaurants in the United States has opened its first location in Colorado.

Giordano’s is at the corner of 16th and California streets in downtown Denver.

The Chicago-based chain has been in operation since 1974. Its founders were from the Turin, Italy, area, where the company says its recipes originate.

“From our slow-baked double-crust to the mozzarella we get directly from Wisconsin, each pizza is crafted with care from start to finish,” Giordano’s says on its website.

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is much thicker than other varieties.

It generally has a tall, firm crust that is filled with ingredients and topped with sauce. Giordano’s says its “stuffed” style of deep-dish pizzas are how the restaurant became famous.

The Denver Giordano’s is one of only a handful in the West, with the other western locations in Phoenix and Las Vegas. The vast majority of Giordano’s are in the Chicagoland region.