CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KDVR) — When you go up to Cheyenne Frontier Days to watch the rodeo, pay close attention to the rodeo clown and the bullfighters. Not only are they entertaining, but they are literally first responders to the rodeo cowboy. It’s an essential part of any rodeo.

At times, they are very entertaining. Sometimes, they are life-saving.

Cody Webster is the current Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association world champion bullfighter.

“A bullfighter, basically, is the Secret Service man for the president. Run in there and distract. Cowboy distraction is how we like to be called, because you know these guys can make a really good ride, the bulls still know the game,“ Webster said.

Cody Sosebee is a rodeo clown. Do not let the title fool you. What he does is serious business.

“The bullfighters will run in and distract that bull. Maybe I can come in with the barrel and sit in front of the bull rider, so maybe the bull will come towards me a little bit,” Sosebee said.

Bullfighters are part athlete, part first responder and part best friend to the cowboy. But make no mistake, a bullfighter is not fearless.

“Fear is a good thing, you know. But it has got to be controlled. Fear is something letting your body know that you need to be getting ready for some action,” Webster said.

“I call it respect on my end. That bull is 1,800 pounds, he has three-foot horns on each side of his head, and I respect that,“ Sosebee said.

Bullfighting and clowning are a young man’s game, but Webster has perspective.

“At the end of the day, these are some of my best friends. It’s my rodeo family. To know that we stepped in and did a good job and saved somebody’s life, it’s a job well done,“ Webster said.

A job well done indeed.