CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE, Colo. (KDVR) — This week, the Cherry Hills Country Club is hosting the 123rd U.S. Amateur Golf Championship, and there is a brand-new attraction on site, designed especially for kids to learn about golf and become engaged.

The Junior Experience has a putting station and a golf simulator where kids can get swing instruction and play holes on the Cherry Hills course. Along with activities focused on science, technology, engineering and math, there’s also a chipping station where kids can try to hit their ball onto the island green in the middle of the Cherry Hills swimming pool.

Lissette Crescimone brought her daughter, Paloma. “She did great,” Crescimone said.

This is a first-of-its-kind event for an amateur event. Jim Hillary, the general chair of the U.S. Amateur, said he expects about 2,000 kids to participate this week, and a quarter of them have never set foot on a golf course.

“One of the objectives of the game of golf is to grow the game, and we think that we can trigger an interest in some of the kids who come here. Kids that play, maybe they get more engaged, and kids that have never been on the golf course, they can come here and they can learn about the game,” Hillary said.

Golf tournament has a focus on young people

The kids and their families can also get information about job opportunities and scholarship programs.

“Here at the club we have tons of different jobs and opportunities,” said Kiara Strothers, a scholarship winner.

Kids also get a chance to let their dreams fly. 

Ronette Hackett brought her son, Ronald.

“He wants to play golf in high school,” she said. “I thought it would be a good experience for my son to come and check out some of the STEM activities, experience this golf course and just to see what this whole Amateur Championship was like.”

The Junior Experience will be open all week and registration is still open on site for kids 17 and under.