DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department said none of the people involved in a chaotic fight on a Denver International Airport train will be charged in the case.

The fight on a train full of people was recorded on a cell phone Thursday evening. A group of people could be seen throwing punches and pushing each other. There was also a lot of screaming.

“The victims in this case have declined to press charges and the case will be inactivated,” a DPD spokesperson said.

Criminology Professor James Ponzi said cases in which charges are filed usually require someone to file a complaint. But, some police departments can sometimes file disturbance charges by reviewing video. They could be arrested for a disturbance if police were to look at the cameras and be able to identify people. 

“They could probably order them into court or arrest them on a charge of disturbance,” Ponzi said.

Still, Ponzi reiterated that prosecuting a case can be difficult if victims do not want to file charges.

A DIA spokesperson told FOX31 on Friday afternoon it’s aware of the altercation.

“We do not condone this kind of behavior,” said the spokesperson.

“DPD and our [DIA] security team regularly patrol throughout the airport,” added the spokesperson.

It’s not as if there have been any other fights on the train at the airport. But, a spokesperson said, “This type of incident does not happen often at DEN.”

The airport encourages passengers to always report suspicious or inappropriate activity.