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DENVER — Election Day for the primaries is less than a week away and voters should have received ballots in the mail.

With changes implemented this year, there are specific directions that need to be followed or votes won’t count.

The Denver Elections Division recognizes that anytime the process changes, it can be challenging for voters.

Anyone who is registered to vote should have received a ballot in the mail. For the first time, unaffiliated voters can cast ballots and they received two ballots, one for the Democratic races and one for the Republican races.

But only one ballot should be returned. If both are filled out and returned, they will be discarded.

“We tried to be very visual with the instructions,” Denver Elections Division director Amber McReynolds said. “The video we have is very visual and explains the whole process.

“I think those things are helping, but certainly we hate to see voters lose out because they perhaps didn’t understand the instructions or pay enough attention.”

Ballots must be received, not postmarked, by 7 p.m. Tuesday.

To ensure ballots are received, they should not be mailed at this late stage but instead turned in at drop boxes around counties or vote in person at polling stations on Tuesday.

As of Tuesday, 425,377 ballots have been returned. Of that total, 162, 721 were cast by Democrats, 166,529 by Republicans and 96,127 by unaffiliated voters, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said.