UNCOMPAHGRE NATIONAL FOREST, Colo. (KDVR) – The hard-working satellites over at Google Earth recently photographed an interesting sight in the Colorado wilderness causing some hunters of fabled beings to tilt their heads in a curious fashion.

Word traveled fast regarding the sighting in Montrose County of the creature, known to some as Sasquatch, after a post was made to a 14-year-old subreddit dedicated to Bigfoot back on Jan. 17.

According to the poster, when you input the coordinates 38°16’24” N. 108°08’32” W. into Google Earth, an estimated 7-foot-5-inch tall figure can be seen seemingly walking in the northwest direction.

“Is it a bear? A puddle? A hiker without any gear?” the Reddit poster asked in the peculiar photo’s description. “The subject does not appear on other satellite images from different years, which can imply the subject is mobile.”

After punching these coordinates into Google Earth to see if all of the hubbub was the result of falsified cartography, you can see the meandering figure is indeed real and can still be seen standing there.

Wide shot of Bigfoot sighting in Montrose County (Credit: Google Earth)
Wide shot of “Bigfoot sighting” in Montrose County
(Credit: Google Earth)

Upon further analysis of this photo, as well as the surrounding details, one can come to the reasonable conclusion that this is likely a lake or pond that transitions between visible and not visible based on its water level at the time of each satellite photo.

This Google Earth-spawned photograph pales in comparison to another taken by a 7-year-old from Silverton back in 2015 in front of the passing Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

So, if you are feeling this ebbing and flowing pond theory doesn’t suffice as an excuse, then why not take a trip to Montrose County, specifically latitude 38.2733 and longitude -108.1425, to see if the tall figure is still getting his steps in across Colorado’s wilderness.