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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — The City of Centennial is suing to shut down an alleged swingers club in the heart of a shopping complex.

On South Yosemite Street, next to a strip mall with restaurants and spray tan salons, the City of Centennial claims the business signed up as a private club, but it’s centered around private parts.

In court documents obtained by FOX31, Centennial is seeking to shut down sex at the business called The Office, stating the following: “Upon information and belief, the spaces in The Office are constructed, finished and arranged for the purpose of members engaging in sexual activities. Upon information and belief, the rooms are equipped with items generally used only for the purposes of engaging in specified sexual activities. The items provided in The Office spaces include condoms, massage tables, beds, bondage devices … Upon information and belief, the word ‘sex’ is written on a ceiling.”

“I had no idea that could be possibly going on over there,” nearby business owner Lisa Hodge said.

“There was one night that there were some people making out in the parking lot, and we were having some car issues and they seemed very annoyed by us talking to them,” Hodge added. “We just thought, to be honest with you, that it was like an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting going on over there. We had no idea what was happening.”

A search online for The Office leads to a website where tickets are available for purchase at pre-sale for $25 for single women and $50 for couples and single men.

Centennial restricts sex business locations

According to the lawsuit, Centennial claims sexual encounter centers are allowed in other parts of the area, just not in the zoned location The Office sits in now.

Court documents explain it like this: “Sexually-oriented businesses are only permitted upon properties lying between Interstate 25 on the west; Havana Street on the east; Costilla Avenue on the south; and Arapahoe Road on the north,” as described in municipal ordinances.

A lawyer representing The Office told FOX31 they are discussing the issue with the city and working to resolve any “misunderstandings.”

Representatives and lawyers from the city stated that they won’t comment on pending litigation.