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CENTENNIAL, Co. (KDVR) — A Centennial man went outside to birdwatch only to discover a bobcat in his backyard.

Tinus Le Roux was lucky enough to snap incredible videos and photos of the cat, sharing the encounter with FOX31.

Le Roux is from South Africa and said he’s used to seeing big cats, like lions and leopards, but he has never spotted a bobcat. As a photographer, he grabbed his camera and started snapping shots. The cat was captured in a quiet neighborhood in Centennial, a few miles from Cherry Creek State Park.

“She came in and said she saw this cat and she wasn’t sure what it is,” Le Roux explained.

It was in fact a bobcat. Le Roux’s wife spotted the cat early in the morning and said it stayed around for a few minutes before darting off, but hours later — and to their surprise — it returned.

“Bobcat came back,” Le Roux explained. “So, we all went out and there was the kitty, just sitting there, watching our bird feeder with longing eyes.”

Bobcat in Centennial backyard 1
Tinus Le Roux was lucky enough to snap incredible videos and photos of the a bobcat he encountered in his Centennial backyard, sharing the encounter with FOX31. (Credit: Tinus Le Roux)

Family appreciates ‘such wonderful nature’ in Colorado

By “we,” Le Roux is referring to his three young sons, who were deep in a homeschooling lesson when they spotted the furry cat.

“The kids were just excited,” Le Roux laughed. “I think for them, any excuse to stop homeschooling is good, so they probably overreacted.”

The encounter turned into a family affair with Le Roux and his sons watching the cat, and he said it stuck around for about three to four hours, making eye contact with them several times. However, Le Roux made clear that he and the kids all kept their distance, describing the animal as graceful and pretty.

Le Roux considered himself lucky to catch a glimpse.

“It’s such wonderful nature here,” Le Roux said. “It’s probably why we chose this part of the world and it’s just such a privilege.”

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, bobcat populations are doing well in the state and are being spotted more and more in urban areas, specifically in Lone Tree, Centennial, Littleton and Highlands Ranch.

CPW also said if you encounter a bobcat, keep your distance and do not try to feed it. Also, if it’s aggressive toward a person, you can haze it away by making loud noises or throwing objects at it.