CDOT shares crash-survivor stories to promote buckling up

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Person fastening seat belt in motor vehicle. Seat belt use for injury prevention. Image courtesy CDC. 1990. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

DENVER (KDVR) — CDOT is releasing a series where car crash survivors and victims’ families tell their stories. The series is meant to promote wearing seatbelts on the road.

This series is a continuation of CDOT’s Common Bond campaign. Efforts to encourage the usage of seatbelts comes after 86% decrease in buckling up in 2020.

The video series connects strangers with similar car crash experiences. The stories are deeply emotional, depicting family members remembering their loved ones who died in car crashes after neglecting to wear seatbelts.

“I received the phone call that no parent ever wants to receive,” said Christy Schultz. Schultz’s daughter was killed in a crash last year after not wearing her seatbelt in her friend’s backseat. She had just turned 15.

“You may think that your choice to not buckle up only impacts you, but it could change the lives of your loved ones in an instant. I never want another family to experience the loss of a child due to an unbuckled crash and hope my daughter’s story is a reminder to others to always buckle up,” said Schultz.

In 2021, 104 people have died in crashes in Colorado after failing to buckle up.

To brush up on Colorado’s seatbelt laws, visit CDOT’s seatbelt page.

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