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DENVER — The Colorado Department of Transportation is trying something new to keep drunk drivers off the road by selling personal Breathalyzers at a discounted price.

The Breathalyzer pairs with an app on smartphones. After blowing into a tube, an accurate reading of blood alcohol content is determined. It also says how long to wait until it’s safe to drive.

Personal Breathalyzers can be pricey, so CDOT is offering them at a big discount to try to get them into the hands of more people.

“This is all about saving lives, but it’s also not leaving saving lives to a guess,” CDOT spokesman Sam Cole said. “In other words, when you’re out drinking, most people just rely on their own judgment, whether or not they’re safe to drive. This device provides real data on what your blood alcohol content is.”

The device normally costs about $100, but the company that makes them has teamed with CDOT to offer them to Colorado residents for $50 through Sept. 15 or while supplies last.

The devices can be purchased online.