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DENVER (KDVR) — High wind and mountain snow are moving into Colorado and will have an impact on travelers.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has issued an advisory restricting travel for high-profile vehicles in El Paso County and parts of Southeastern Colorado based on forecasted weather changes that include high wind gusts.

CDOT urges commercial truckers to prepare for hazardous road conditions along Interstate 25, from Denver to the New Mexico state line. The strong winds will also affect the foothills, Palmer Divide and southeast plains.

CDOT said it’s anticipating highway safety closures and crews are on standby to clear blown-over vehicles.

Mountain wind, snow ahead

Ski areas and tourist attractions in the high country are preparing as well.
Skier Peter Osbourne said both amateur and experienced skiers should be aware of the power of extreme wind gusts.

“I’ve sailed away a couple of times to nowhereland,” he said.

Ski areas in Colorado are ready for high-speed wind gusts. If lifts are rocking dangerously, they are shut down and ski patrol is on alert.

“Just be really careful and stay in the lower areas of the resorts,” Osborne said.

Those in tourist areas are securing holiday decorations but pedestrians should watch for flying debris.

When traveling through the high country, be prepared for reduced visibility. Blowing snow can cause whiteout conditions.

Follow weather advisories before planning trips. If you are already on the road, pull over if necessary until the wind calms down.