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DENVER — The Colorado Department of Transportation is teaming up with a breathalyzer company to raise awareness about drunk driving and lower the number of people caught driving under the influence in Colorado. To introduce more people to the department’s efforts, an experiment was hosted Tuesday morning inside Spanky’s Roadhouse: the Breathalyzer Brunch.

“The breathalyzer brunch is all about getting people to use the smart phone breathalyzers whenever they are out at brunch,” said Sam Cole, communications manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

That’s why CDOT reached out through social media and invited folks to have lunch, and then breathalyzed them before they left.

“We want them to pull out a breathalyzer, blow into it and understand how long they need to wait before they are back to zero,” Cole said.

FOX31 reporter Dan Daru had a couple of drinks as well before taking a test, then Katie Deutsch the results.

“You have 35 minutes until you are sober,” she said.

The breathalyzer brunch volunteers received a free breathalyzer from BACtrack, and representatives from CDOT, BACtrack and the Denver Police Department attended and spoke about breathalyzers and the goal of eliminating impaired driving in Colorado, according to a news release from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Until Sept. 15, or while supplies last BACtrack is partnering with the Colorado Department of Transportation to offer breathalyzers at 50% off.

“It’s simple, one button operation, you simply turn it on, I have it in app mode right now, you can connect to a smart phone if you want.“ Said Keith Nothacker, president and CEO of BACtrack.