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DENVER (KDVR) — It’s “Distracted Driver Awareness Month” and the Colorado Department of Transportation is getting creative with a campaign to aide the cause.

During April, CDOT’s Distraction Reactions campaign will be on display at 48 coffee shops throughout the state. Customers will receive coffee cups that highlight the dangers of distracted driving.

The goal of the campaign is to focus on the issue of distracted driving and ask drivers to reconsider their behavior behind the wheel. CDOT also asks drivers to consider how others would react to their distracted driving. CDOT will use social media to emphasize safety messages on distracted driving as well.

There are an average 42 distracted driving-related crashes every day in Colorado. That adds up to more than 15,000 per year. Distracted driving crashes account for 15% of all motor vehicle accidents statewide.

CDOT is partnering with victims who have been directly impacted by distracted drivers. In the upcoming weeks, the organization will unveil a display that allows the public to hear the victims’ stories of grief. The department reported 39 deaths due to distracted driving in 2019.

Standing behind the wheel of a fabricated dashboard of a car, individuals will be able to look through the windshield and see what they should be focused on while driving: real people, with real lives. A screen behind the windshield will highlight the stories of four distracted driving victims, each of whom has been personally impacted by the actions of a distracted driver.

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