AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A family-owned business in Aurora had a machine worth more than $30,000 stolen from their driveway.

That theft was caught on camera and the owners of the landscaping company need your help finding the people responsible.

The Gomez family was fast asleep early Wednesday morning when their security camera caught the theft on video. The thieves hitched a tree stump grinder to a pickup truck and then drove off into the night.

Evette and Sam Gomez know plenty about trees. They’re the owners of Gomez Tree Service. Most of their employees are relatives.

“We paid over $15,000 for it. The machine itself costs more than $30,000,” Evette said.

Business was good enough this year that they found a way to afford a tree stump grinder.

“We saved for like three months to get this machine,” Evette said.

Theft comes at time of slowing business

“I went inside, told my wife, called my son, maybe he had taken it to do a stump that needed to be grinded out,” Sam said.

“He came and it looked like he was observing it, then all of a sudden the other guy jumped out and then they both started pulling it toward the street and off the curb. They almost hit the trailer that’s right here in front, also, and then they drove off,” Evette said.

The family hopes anyone who might recognize the thieves and help them get back their hard-earned tree stump grinder.

“It wasn’t yours. Go out and get a job, and get your own things instead of stealing from people,” Evette said. “We forgive you but we want this machine back.”

Their tree trimming business takes a hit in the colder months, so business might dry up until the spring, adding another challenge for the Gomez family and their business.

If you have any information about this case, they’re asking you to call Aurora Police.