HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (KDVR) — The owners of Neptune’s Tropical Fish in Highlands Ranch are asking for everyone to keep an eye out online for their beloved 31-year-old Goffin’s cockatoo that was stolen during a burglary.

A reward of $1,000 was initially offered for the bird’s safe return, but as of Feb. 22, the reward has increased to $2,500.

“We just want our bird back, no questions asked,” Sharon Sullivan, the owner of the shop, said.

Sullivan said the bird can be taken to Colorado Exotic Animal Hospital at 7120 E Hampden Ave., Suite 101 in Denver if whoever may have her doesn’t want to bring her back to their shop. Sullivan is working with other locations for possible drop-off as well.

Sullivan said she bought the bird named Simon back in 1993 for $1,500. She said Simon lived full-time at the store and was the star of the shop.

“I have people who come in that don’t even have fish, they come in to play with my bird,” Sullivan said.

The whole burglary was caught on Sullivan’s camera. You can see the two thieves come in as passengers in a newer model black Hyundai Sonata with the plates blocked out backing into a spot right outside the business doors.

The two thieves are caught on camera breaking into the cash register. (Credit: Sharon Sullivan)

Just a few seconds later, she said you can see the two suspects in face masks use crowbars to break open the front door, then they both run into the store.

“They are not good people. They were in and out within three minutes. They are pros, they have done this before,” Sullivan said.

Originally, both suspects came in and went for the cash register and stole a roll of quarters, the only thing in the drawer.

Sullivan said the suspects then kicked in one of the displays and stole a light worth around $150. But then, she said, that’s when one of the suspects realized Simon was in the store too.

“I think once they realized there was nothing here of value they turned around and said, ‘oh there’s a bird, let’s take the bird,'” Sullivan said.

One of the suspects then reached into the bird’s cage, grabbed Simon with both hands and took off.

The suspects are caught on camera grabbing onto Simon the cockatoo before fleeing the store. (Credit: Sharon Sullivan)

“They obviously aren’t bird people, ’cause they aren’t holding her like a bird person would hold a bird,” Sullivan said.

Simon is described as white with pink around her beak and mouth. Sullivan said Simon has some yellow in the back of her feathers. She said Simon loves to say hello to people every time they walk into the store.

“She is a really good dancer. We play music at the store and she will bebop back and forth,” Sullivan said.

Simon can’t fly but would roam around the store freely.  

“When she’s angry, she bites so I hope she bit those people really hard,” Sullivan said.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or Sullivan at her store directly.