JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Surveillance video appears to show someone wandering into the garage of a Jefferson County family’s home and stealing their vehicle.

Jeff Cline said the Ford SUV was stolen from his garage late Friday night. The garage door was open at the time.

The video captures the quick theft before the person backs out of the garage and drives off.

“If it can happen to us, it can happen to anybody,” he said.

Cline said the thief eventually abandoned the Ford before stealing another car and eventually getting arrested. Cline believes two people may actually be part of the theft ring.

“Every time I come out of my house, I think about it,” he said. “Every time I see my garage or see my car, or anything, I see his face.”

A spokesperson with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said the Clines are one of a “series of victims” both on Friday and Saturday, adding that a suspect is in custody.

Nobody was hurt.