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GEORGETOWN, Colo. — A Subway employee in Georgetown was caught on camera throwing a loaf of bread out to feed deer as the animals gathered around the restaurant.

“When we pulled up it looked like a petting zoo. There were probably 10 deer just hanging out,” said Dustin Schaefer, a Georgetown resident who immediately spotted the animals when he pulled into the parking lot.

Schaefer says he watched as the Subway restaurant employee tossed one loaf of bread after another out of the front door and onto the pavement.

“When I pulled my camera out to get a picture, a foot long hoagie went flying by me and he was chucking them Peyton Manning style,” Schaefer explained.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is not amused. An officer talked to the employee and warned him further feeding will result in citations. Those citations begin at $50.

“It’s not something we want to see. It’s not good for the animal. Deer can also get very aggressive. It’s their natural instinct because they have a lot of testosterone running through them right now and they’re kind of revved up,” explained Jason Clay, a spokesperson with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Schaefer hopes the employee will learn from the mistake and move on. He says he loves deer as much as the next guy, but says dining deer outside the town’s Subway is simply too much of a good thing.

“It’s the entrance to Georgetown and the last thing we need is a zoo right here in the middle of town,” Schaefer said.

FOX31 did reach out to Subway and the manager of the Georgetown restaurant but they did not return our calls or emails.