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DENVER (KDVR) — Cellphone video sent to FOX31 on Friday morning shows a statue with ties to Christopher Columbus being torn down overnight.

The statue, according to the Fort Collins son of the man who created it, is not of Columbus. Instead it features an unidentified man. However, it does feature a plaque commemorating Columbus.

The video was sent to us by Gabriel A. Lavine from the Afro Liberation Front.

The Denver Police Department said the statue was torn down around 11:15 p.m. Thursday night.

DPD said it is investigating the vandalism.

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Americans have watched as Confederate statues have been toppled across the country in recent weeks. Others representing Columbus have also been removed and in some cases beheaded.

Some statues have been knocked over by rioters and protesters, others by municipalities.

Additionally, authorities decided to dismantle the Kit Carson statue located in downtown Denver after threats were made that it would be toppled as well.

FOX31’s Vicente Arenas captured video of authorities beginning to dismantle it.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock issued the following statement about the statues’ removal:

“We understand people’s desire rename or remove public assets and monuments that represent outdated ideologies that conflict with who we are as a city today. That is why the Mayor tasked the Human Rights and Community Partnerships advisory board to facilitate deliberate, inclusive and thoughtful conversations about decisions impacting these assets, but we cannot condone vandalism. We can start to heal by ensuring an accurate portrayal of history for the generations to come.“