Mountain lion on Blink camera (Photo credit: Sherri Teter)

DENVER (KDVR) — Nothing says Colorado like a mountain lion walking down the patio of a residential home.

Wildlife at front doorsteps isn’t unheard of near this resident’s home in the Riva Chase community. The house sits on two acres in the Genesee area and has seen a lot of wildlife, but it’s usually bunnies and squirrels.

Occasionally, there will be elk, deer and turkeys on the property as well.

This time, the home’s Blink camera caught a different creature, and this one was a bit more dangerous than a squirrel or bunny.

On the Blink camera, a mountain lion treks across the yard like it’s his home.

While mountain lions can be dangerous, they’re more of a threat to deer than to people. Spotting a mountain lion is rare in itself, and attacks on people are even less likely, according to the Mountain Lion Foundation.

If you live in cat country like these residents, the foundation still has some safety tips.

  • Try not to walk alone between dusk and dawn, which is when lions are most active.
  • Keep your children and pets close to you.
  • Never approach or corner a mountain lion.
  • If you do encounter a mountain lion, don’t run. Maintain eye contact, stand tall and look bigger by opening your coat or raising your arms. Slowly wave your arms and speak firmly. Throw items at the lion if necessary. Give it room and time to move on.

That being said, you’re more likely to just catch the cats on your outdoor camera than encounter them in person.

The foundation said you are more likely to drown in your bathtub, be killed by a dog or be hit by lightning than get attacked by a mountain lion.