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DENVER (KDVR) — A mind-boggling story involving a truly foul act, after a Denver man reached out to the Problem Solvers after his surveillance camera caught a man leaving behind what he says was a gross gift on his property.

This happened last week and now police are looking into who did this and why this happened.

Andrew Roush reached out to the Problem Solvers just days after a man does the unthinkable, or what Roush calls “an asinine act.”

“A man was walking his dog, comes up here, pulls his shorts down and defecated on our property,” Roush said.

He just installed a security camera and plans to buy more after he says people were leaving behind their dog’s feces. Little did he know his camera would catch a man leaving behind his own.

Roush believes this was retaliation for a post he made on the Nextdoor app showing a man not cleaning up after his pet. He said that man resembles the person who came back and left his version of payback.

The Denver Police Department is investigating and according to city code, anyone who urinates or defecates in any public way or place can be charged with a Class 2 offense and can see up to 60 days in jail.