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EVERGREEN, Colo. (KDVR) — As fall rolls in and the leaves start to change, there is another familiar sound heard roaring through the Colorado Foothills and Mountains: the bugling and chirping of elk.

The elk in the video above were spotted in Evergreen over the weekend. The bull elk could be heard bugling throughout the day by residents and visitors.

Rut, also known as mating season, is here for elk. The season lasts through mid-October for elk and early October for Moose. Mule deer mating season peaks from November to December, according to CPW.

Getting too close to wildlife can be very dangerous, especially during the rut. The rule of thumb is to hold your thumb up over the animal at a distance. If your thumb covers the animal’s body entirely, you are likely a safe distance away.

It is also important to remember to never feed wild animals. Do not risk your safety to take a photo of an animal.