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ESTES PARK, Colo. (KDVR) — It has been days since a major snowstorm moved through Colorado and we are still seeing some amazing pictures and videos from the storm.

It happened one night when the moon was bright in Estes Park, Colorado. The interlude was caught on tape by a FOX 31 viewer. It is a dance of sorts, between a mule deer and a snowman.

Liz shared the video above. She said, “A deer found a new friend to play with outside our cottage in Estes after the big snow storm!”

The two unlikely dance partners met face-to-face just outside a cottage blanketed with fresh snow.

As Disney-esque as this performance was, we contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife and sent them the video to be looked at by one of their biologists.

What looks like a frolic in the forest is actually… a frolic in the forest.

“It was just being playful, maybe it’s the first time and saw a snowman and became curious and it just solicited that response,” said Jason Clay from CPW.

That deer is actually a fawn under 1-year-old and still learning the ways of the forest. An older deer would be much more cautious of any potential danger.

“It was just a fawn having fun in the snow like so many other kids did last couple days,” Clay said,

It was a brief encounter, fun for the little deer and fun for us to watch.

Estes Park received over 22 inches of snow during the winter storm.

Earlier this week, we saw a great weather report from 5-year-old Serena in Castle Pines.

“The snow is maybe 100 feet deep and there is a lot of snow getting in my eyeballs,” shared Serena.