DENVER (KDVR) — A crash was caught on camera in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood that showed a pickup truck crash into a business. 

The crash happened Tuesday evening near 39th Avenue and Forest Street. 

“A car comes around, or a truck comes around the corner, hits the pothole. They were already going too fast and kind of driving crazy to begin with and drives into the building across the street here,” Zach Abote said.

Abote owns a building across the street from where the crash happened. His security cameras captured the whole thing. 

“And then the gentleman dives out of the front seat and a gun falls in the street,” Abote said. 

According to the Denver Police Department, the driver ran from the scene. It is unclear how many other people may have been in the vehicle.

Denver Police said no one was inside the building at the time of the crash. Denver Fire said the truck damaged part of a beam, and the building had to be shored up to prevent collapse. 

“They work right in front of that door, and if somebody was in that building working in front of that door during the day, this could be a really different issue,” Abote said.

A pothole near 39th Avenue and Forest Street in Denver. (KDVR)

Pothole ‘about a foot deep’ near Denver crash site

He believes this crash may have been preventable. 

“I think obviously they were going way too fast. Who knows if they would have hit the building or not had there not been the pothole. But it definitely was a catalyst to kind of drive that,” he said.

According to Abote, there has been a pothole in the middle of Forest Street for the last three weeks. It has now turned into somewhat of a sinkhole.

“It’s gotten about a foot deep now,” he said. 

Abote said he and his fellow business owners have been in contact with the city of Denver to fix the hazard. It had cones around it at the time of Tuesday’s crash.

“They’ve sent out maybe five or six that I’ve seen, infrastructure trucks all different kinds. They usually move the cones around, take a few pictures and leave,” Abote said. 

FOX31 reached out to Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure about the status of work on the pothole but had not heard back on Tuesday night. 

“It’s just kind of surreal seeing something that we were literally telling the infrastructure guys last week, ‘Hey, if we gotta get the news involved or something and try to move this along and get this fixed, this is something dangerous and could really happen to somebody.’ So it’s lucky nobody got hurt on this,” Abote said.