LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — One hundred and eighty-six cats representing 30 breeds will be clawing their way to the top prize this weekend at the Furry Tails 2023 competition at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

The show is co-sponsored by TICA, The International Cat Association, and Garden of the Cats, a Colorado cat club. There are 72 registered breeds of cats with TICA. Thirty of those breeds will be at the show, which is just about perfect for Catherine Rudy, president of Garden of the Cats club.

“People are getting to know that they can go to these shows. They come out, and they see that cats are not aloof like a decor-type pet that most people get the image of. That they actually have personalities,“ Rudy said.

Cat breeds are like dog breeds, said Rudy. They have different personality types. If you are going to buy a cat, choose one with a personality, similar to yours.

“If you’re an active lifestyle person, you can find like one that’s got more of a wild type background like a Bengal or Toyger or Savannah,” Rudy said.

Rudy said not to make an impulse buy and do not forget to spay or neuter your best friend as well.

The Furry Tails 2023 show is being held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday, April 15 and 16. Bring a donation like a can of cat food and get in free.