GILPIN COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A woman working at a Black Hawk casino is facing theft charges for allegedly taking half a million dollars from a cash cage earlier this month.

FOX31 obtained court documents for the incident. An investigator with the Division of Gaming for the State of Colorado said that the incident happened on March 12 at the Monarch Casino at 488 Main St.

The investigator, along with surveillance operators for the casino, said the video showed cashier Sabrina Eddy reach into the money cage and take out stacks of cash on multiple occasions.

The first incident happened at 12:44 a.m. when Eddy allegedly removed two bricks of cash, which equaled $100,000, out of the cage and put them into a box, according to the court documents.

Eddy allegedly reached into the cash cage two more times, once at 12:46 a.m. and at 12:50 a.m. Both times she took out $100,000 and placed them into the box.

At 12:55 a.m., the video allegedly shows Eddy appear to put tape on the box, go to the parking garage and drive away.

Less than two hours later, she is accused of returning to the casino and taking more money out of the cash cage.

In all, court documents claim she removed $500,000 from the cash cage.

What led to the cashier’s arrest?

Around 5:45 a.m., the investigator with the Division of Gaming was notified about the theft at the casino by a surveillance operator. The surveillance operator told the investigator that Eddy called and said she’d taken money off property and that she was bringing the money back and she thought she might be arrested.

The investigator said they met with Eddy when she arrived at the casino.

Eddy told the investigator that while she was in the cash cage, she received a call on the casino’s phone, along with text messages.

Eddy said the person identified themselves as the head of operations and they told her there was an issue with a UPS order and a delivery had failed, which was a breach of the casino’s contract.

The caller told Eddy to find a manila envelope with the contract, but she couldn’t. Then she was allegedly told to put the money into a box, Eddy allegedly recalled according to court paperwork.

After that, Eddy said the caller told her to take the funds to a lawyer at St. Anthony’s Hospital. She then allegedly delivered the funds to the emergency department at the hospital and was told to get more.

After going back to the casino and taking out more money, Eddy returned to the hospital and gave the box of money to the same man. She was allegedly told to wait for the box, but the man never returned.

Eddy said she tried to call the man back, but he did not answer. At that point, Eddy said she called the casino to say she was returning.

Eddy was arrested and charged with theft. She was booked into the Gilpin County Jail where she remains now.

“The Division of Gaming is currently conducting active administrative and criminal investigations into a recent theft at the Monarch Casino, and the Division of Gaming is unable to make any statements or provide any records related to its investigation during the active investigation process,” a statement from the Division of Gaming to FOX31 said.