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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — Several dozen people stood on the corner of Colfax Avenue and Lexington Avenue to try and save the financially failing, yet historic landmark of Casa Bonita on Saturday afternoon.

A show of dedication and determination to help keep the eatery alive must mean it has some of the best food in Colorado, right?

“If you don’t need the best in the world it’s great,” one of Casa Bonita’s fans said.

Some of the motley crew of supporters must think highly of the famous food and not merely for the entertainment factor, one would think.

“Definitely the food isn’t the best part,” Andrew Novick, the original mascot for Casa Bonita said.

Novick, friends and nationwide donations have raised nearly $50,000 to reopen the doors to the entertainment-themed restaurant.

The establishment is a special place to those who grew up in Denver and visited from all around the world, but it’s not for the food.

“It’s the cliff diving, scary monkey, the cave that smells like feet,” a rally attendee said. is trying to raise enough money to get it out of bankruptcy and Novick has even met with local investors to possibly buy it and open it back up.